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17 Jun Voice of the Industry

“We’ve had the FIT Show with a lot of product launches to give the industry some impetus, but has the first half of 2016 lived up to budgetary expectations?  And what of the rest of the year?  Whether we, as a country, have voted to remain or leave the EU, what are your expectations for the second half of 2016?”

Without question the FIT Show was an unprecedented success and our IGU sales and those of our specialist SMARTGLASS® brand have been strong all year, thanks to continued innovation and exemplary customer service, as recent business awards have also shown.

The launch of SMARTGLASS® Dynamic was an overwhelming success and not only has it generated sales of the product in lantern roofs, but it has opened up other sales opportunities with a number of new customers. The introduction of SMARTGLASS®W last year, as the sector’s first dedicated range of glass for conservatory doors, windows and also bi-folding doors, has also extended the proposition of dedicated glass where excessive solar heat gain is an issue.

With the launch in the last few weeks of of SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86, the industry’s best performing roof glass and the option of pre-midday deliveries, we’re already well ahead of the pack and the prospects for the remainder of the year look overwhelmingly strong.

Jason McCabe
Commercial Director
Clayton Glass

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