SMARTGLASS® Ultimate represents the very pinnacle in terms of glass technologies for conservatory and glazed roofing areas and is unsurpassed in the UK market. This glass is a product of our on-going development programme and designed by the same team that is currently working on tomorrow’s glazing solutions, including the latest dynamically switchable glass.

This market-leading glass boasts a U-value of 1.0 W/m2K, the ability to reflect 80% of the sun’s rays and yet still provides a visible light transmittance of 27%, ensuring the spacious and open feel isn’t compromised in the search for solar control. SMARTGLASS® Ultimate naturally comes with true self-cleaning and warm edge technologies, and is exclusively available in our popular cool blue tint.

Technical Specifications

The table below highlight the key performance characteristics of the full SMARTGLASS® range.

SMARTGLASS® Conservatory and Glazed Roof Glass Specifications

Product Solar Factor Light Transmission U-Value True Self Clean Argon Filled Low E Warm Edge Technology
SMARTGLASS® Ultimate 20% 27% 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
Standard Clear (Toughened) Glass 80% 83% 2.7 No No No

SMARTGLASS®-W Side Frame (windows and doors) Glass Specifications.

Product Argon Filled Low E Glass Warm Edge Spacer Solar Control Anti Fade Enhanced Acoustics Enhanced Security Self Clean
SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS®-W Plus + Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard (Wall) Glass Maybe

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