While much of the focus remains on the performance of the conservatory roof and fundamentally the glass within it, more and more consumers are looking carefully at the performance of the windows and doors under their roof. Although the modern energy rated sealed units now available for standard domestic applications are good, they are not designed for a room that is made almost exclusively of glass. As a result we have spent considerable time researching and developing a range of revolutionary glass for side frames (doors and windows), and our solution is SMARTGLASS®-W. Like our roofs, one of the key attributes of this dedicated range is its solar control properties – SMARTGLASS®-W is unobtrusive, just looking and feeling like normal glass yet is able to reflect twice the amount of solar energy as typical double glazing.

Moving up the range, SMARTGLASS®-W Plus+ offers enhanced sound reduction, increased security and blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst premium SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate offers all this and true self cleaning technology, helping to keep your view of the world outside beautifully clear.


SMARTGLASS®-W Side Frame (windows and doors) Glass Specifications.

Product Argon Filled Low E Glass Warm Edge Spacer Solar Control Anti Fade Enhanced Acoustics Enhanced Security Self Clean
SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS®-W Plus + Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard (Wall) Glass Maybe

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