Standard SMARTGLASS® remains our most popular roof product and has been continually developed, enhanced and upgraded over the last decade. We have many thousands of satisfied consumers from all over the UK and it’s comforting to know that we supply many of the UK’s largest and most trusted conservatory brands with our revolutionary SMARTGLASS®, in its four subtle tints. Because it is possible to accurately evaluate each one of the key properties of SMARTGLASS®, we’re confident that the product we make and install performs as good in situ as it does on paper.

With a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K it helps minimise heat loss in the winter months, whilst a typical G-value of 40% means that 60% of the sun’s heat is reflected back, helping to reduce heat build-up during the summer months. With visible light transmittance of around 50% your conservatory will feel open and airy, yet benefit from the anti-glare properties inherent in SMARTGLASS®. There’s also true self-cleaning and warm edge technologies built in to all our roof glass products as standard.

Technical Specifications

The table below highlight the key performance characteristics of the full SMARTGLASS® range.

SMARTGLASS® Conservatory and Glazed Roof Glass Specifications

Product Solar Factor Light Transmission U-Value True Self Clean Argon Filled Low E Warm Edge Technology
SMARTGLASS® Aqua 24% 33% 1.2 Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS® Blue 40% 52% 1.2 Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS® Neutral 40% 45% 1.2 Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS® Bronze 49% 52% 1.2 Yes Yes Yes
Standard Clear (Toughened) Glass 80% 83% 2.7 No No No

SMARTGLASS®-W Side Frame (windows and doors) Glass Specifications.

Product Argon Filled Low E Glass Warm Edge Spacer Solar Control Anti Fade Enhanced Acoustics Enhanced Security Self Clean
SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS®-W Plus + Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard (Wall) Glass Maybe

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