SMARTGLASS® Bifold Glass


With large glazing areas in architecture becoming in an increasingly desirable feature, correct specification of glass is essential. Typical ‘A rated’ glass is intended to maximise heat gain per square metre and for good reason – but when fitted into a large feature opening it’s far less suitable and can create unwanted issues of glare and heat build-up. Designed specifically for this highly popular door market, SMARTGLASS Bifold Glass offers clarity and high light transmission, yet minimises both heat loss and heat gain for optimal all year round comfort.

Key features include:
• G-Value of down to 38% blocks over twice as much solar energy during the summer months*
• 17% lower U-Value means 17% less heat loss in the winter months*
• High natural light transmission and neutral in appearance
• Hand assembled and hand finished for high optical quality

Technical Specifications

For the ultimate in all year round comfort. Think Bifolds. Think SMARTGLASS® Bifolds


Solar Energy Reflected

Light Transmission


Warm Edge & Argon Gas

100% QC Check

Direct to Site in 4 days

SMARTGLASS®-W Ultimate 62% 71% 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS®-W Plus + 56% 70% 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
SMARTGLASS®-W 51% 72% 1.1 Yes Yes Yes
Standard (Wall) Glass 25% 75% 1.2 Yes No No

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