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23 Mar inFOCUS: SMARTGLASS Bifold Glass

Welcome to inFocus, the series where we breakdown the key facts and statistics of some of our most popular glazing solutions. This week, we are on the topic of SMARTGLASS Bifold Glass, the product range specifically designed for bifold doors (and walls), but with the SMARTGLASS touch.

Bifold doors are a relative newcomer in the world of glazing solutions. So, when they first began to become popular, the glazing options left much to be desired. Often, the go-to for glass when it came to bifold doors, was simply to install a large standard A-rated unit.

Now, with its low U-value of 1.2-1.4, argon-filling, and warm-edge technology, standard A-rated units will perform rather well in your windows. However, it is when they are used in a larger glazing area that the problems start to show. Firstly, as A-rated units are designed to maximise heat gain per square metre (again, a useful quality in your window frames), this can a cause a large amount of unwanted heat build-up when applied to larger glazing features, such as bifolds. Secondly, glare.

infocus LT% bifolds

When you choose SMARTGLASS bifold glass, you are choosing from a glass range that has been specifically designed to be effective in larger glazing features. The glass we will focus on for the purposes of highlighting this is: ‘SMARTGLASS-W Ultimate’.

infocus SER% bifolds

For the sake of a fair comparison, we will take the example of a standard wall glass to judge it against. To clarify, this is standard clear glass, that has been designed for wall units. Firstly, the major difference between these two glazing solutions is the solar gain. Standard wall glass offers a solar energy reflected percentage of just 25%, meaning that the remaining 75% is entering your home, again creating this unwanted heat build-up in the toastier summer months.

Comparing this to SMARTGLASS-W Ultimate, which has a solar energy reflected percentage of 62%, you can see that there will be a big difference between the two when it comes to staying cool in the summer. But what about in winter? You may ask. On top of a solar energy reflected percentage of 62%, SMARTGLASS-W Ultimate offers a U-value of 1.0, 0.2 lower than what is generally offered by standard wall glass. Making SMARTGLASS-W Ultimate a leading glazing solution for all seasons.

u-value for infocus bifolds

It does all this, while still having the argon-fill and warm edge technology of the standard wall glass, but with additional features on top. SMARTGLASS-W Ultimate units come with anti-glare technology, sound-reduction technology, enhanced security, up to 98% UV ray blockage, as well as true self-cleaning technology, keeping the world outside beautifully clear.

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